Vielen Dank, PLN!!!

10857884_10203402864140566_1789122840106285938_nIt’s a wonderful day to post my wonderful and unforgettable experience that I’ve ever had. But, at first, I want to thank to PLN (Perusahaan Listrik Negara) for every piece of new things that have occured to me from mid-December 2014 to date. Well, this is about the experience of mine during the days of “Training & Education of PLN”. Because of PLN, I can visit many beautiful places in my mother land, Indonesia, that I’ve never visited before. Well, I have to admit that I was seldom to hang out with friends … and I also don’t know too much about the streets and places in my own city, Medan. It’s horrible, right? Well, forget about that!


DSC_9848DSC_9879DSC_9881DSC_9918DSC_10000 (47)

DSC_4150In mid-December 2014, I was scheduled to depart to Lembang, exactly to PUSDIKAJEN, to join the official recruitment program of PLN, called “Kesamaptaan”. I (in bald head) departed from Medan to Bandung by Lion Air along with other 14 students of D3K PLN Medan. After arrivig at Husain Sastranegara Airport Bandung, we directly chartered a bus to PUSDIKAJEN in Lembang. It’s very interesting to see the atmosphere of Bandung, with traffics, shops, and of course, the cold weather. We took 40 minutes to Lembang, and here, my adventure began. There were 344 students for PLN 44 who came from different cities, backgrounds, cultures, and others. We gathered at PUSDIKAJEN to take part in “Kesamaptaan” program. The program had been held for 2 weeks. During the days in Lembang, I had learnt so many things, about togetherness, loyality, disciplinary, physical treatment, friendship, and many others here. After the closing ceremony of the program, all of us departed to PLN Udiklat Cibogo in Bogor. I 14269106411601002167was one of the luckiest students at that time as I stayed @Mess Salak, which has the luxury facilities and only 2 people for a room. But, I had just stayed there for 3 days (if I’m not wrong!), because the students who got the “Electrical Distribution”, were moved to Jakarta. In Jakarta, 174 students of “Electrical Distribution” stayed at MLEB (Museum Listrik & Energi Terbarukan) on TMII. At this level, we’re still controlled by the guards of PUSDIKAJEN to train us in disciplinary. We stayed there for a week, simultaniously with the “Corporate Introduction” program. And we took the buses from TMII to PUSDIKLAT PLN every day at that time. For the first time, I could see the situation around Jakarta on the way,,, I think it’s not as bad as other people said. On the weekend, we’re permitted to go around TMII; I had so much fun here: visiting the traditional houses of many provinces, eating “kerak telor”, shopping the souvenirs, etc.


S__10600498After finishing the “Corporate Introduction” program for a week, we entered the new level: “Pembidangan”. We departed from TMII by bus to Pandaan, East Java. It’s a very long trip, I spent more than 24 hours on the way to Pandaan. However, I could see the situation of the towns I passed through. I passed four provinces: DKI Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, and East Java. I could know the differences between each province and yeah … i saw the northern coast ijen1jalan-ijen-malangof Java. When we arrived in Pandaan, we were welcomed at BLKI Singosari, not in Udiklat Pandaan. (Read my story during Pembidangan HERE) During the last days of Pembidangan, we’re permitted to take a trip to “Indonesian Safari Park II Prigen”, and at the last day, I and my friends took the spare time to travel around the city of Malang. I was really amazed to Malang; it’s Tugu-Malanga very beautiful city. And one thing that I’m most amazed is “Ijen Street” with wide street, boulevards, colourful flowers, beautiful old mansions, and palm trees. I also visited to “Mall Olympic Garden (MOG) Malang”, “Bakso Bakar Pahlawan Trip”, “Trees & Roots Cafe”, and “City Hall”. Unfortunately, I could not visit the well-known city of IMG_8935Batu due to the short time. No doubt that I will visit the magnificent city of Malang in the future, especially I really want to visit Batu to pick the apples as many as possible.

My last day in Malang was closed with the beautiful story.


Because of PLN, I can also visit Palembang, South Sumatera. For our OJT program, we’re placed in South Sumatera, Jambi, and Bengkulu regions. We departed from Surabaya to Palembang by Citilink,,, and stayed at the luxurious Favehotel Palembang. In Palembang, we’re reunited ; the students of Suralaya, Pandaan, Bogor, and Semarang were met up in Palembang. And now, I’m in Manna, South Bengkulu for OJT Program. I really feel happy and comfortable here with the hospitality of the people here. Thank you so much, PLN!


For PLN, Thank you so much for everything given to me. So much precious things I’ve gotten, from friendship, loyality, disciplinary, and of course, PLN has opened my big eyes to the world by visiting so many wonderful places that I’ve never visited before.


Vielen Dank PLN fuer alles dinge ich hab!


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