The First Experience in Subulussalam

Have you ever heard the name of Subulussalam??? I’m sure that most of you don’t know about the city. Well, Subulussalam is a city in Aceh. It is still new, as it was established as a city on January 2, 2007. It is neighbouring with the province of North Sumatera and it is the expansion of Aceh Singkil Regency. Like you, I had never known about Subulussalam until I arrived in the city on Thursday, June 26. When I arrived for the first time in the city, I was surprised : “This is a city???” Yes, I think you would have the same mind like mee, too. The landscape of Subulussalam is not like a city generally, instead of a subdistrict. I departed from Wisma Lampriet in Banda Aceh on June 26 at 9 AM  to Subulussalam, and the officials of PLN Wilayah Aceh delivered us to Subulussalam. The trip took more than 10 hours, as we arrived in the city at 18.30 WIB. We stayed at Mess PLN Subulussalam; the room is nice, with AC and TV. We were also welcomed very well by them, and one thing that I minded at that time was the big difference between Subulussalam and Banda Aceh. The big difference was the rules applied in Subulussalam is not as tight as Banda Aceh’s. although it is still in Aceh region.

plnsubulussalamThe major street in Subulussalam is Teuku Umar Street; there are many shops, banks, offices and square located along the street. The offices of PLN Area Subulussalam and PLN Rayon Subulussalam Kota are also located on the street. The first day in Subulussalam, we had the difficulties to find foods and also supermarket to buy our needs. Fortunately, Mr. Imam Solikhin, the manager of PLN Rayon Subulussalam Kota, borrowed us his car. We hang out to the downtown but we did not find many beautiful ones in the town, unlike in Banda Aceh. And in fact, most of the people in Subulussalam are Singkil ethnicity, followed by Pakpak, Aceh, and Java. At night, the city is so lonely… only a few vehicles passing the streets, and most of the shops were closed.

There are a few choices of restaurants in Subulussalam, not many big restaurants in the city. The favorite ones for the employees of PLN Area Subulussalam are BARAK (Bakso Raksasa), Djokja, and Garuda. The favorite foods at those restaurants are Nasi Goreng Kampoeng, Ayam Penyet, and Ayam Bakar. They are so delicious! Although no entertainment like cinema in Subulussalam, but I have started enjoying my life here. The people are warm and friendly. Only a few days more for me to stay in Subulussalam, and I would move to Singkil after Great Day of Idul Fitri. I really hope that Singkil would be better or as good as Subulussalam here… although many people told me that Singkil is worse. Senyum


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  1. You should edit the article by added a sentence in last paragraph, after "the people are warm and friendly" because there is un- humble people that you've met in Subulussalam city


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