Where Are You Now, My Friends???

sma5Hi, everyone!! I really miss the days of mine on Senior High School now. It’s been the most wonderful days for me and also a great time to decide our future. Well… I have to tell my story during those days. I attended at SMA Negeri 7 Medan, located on Jl. Timor No. 36 Medan… Yes, I still remember its adress! LOL… I entered the school on July 14, 2008,,, and exactly, it was not my favorite school at that time, although our headmaster used to say that our school was one of the five best high schools in the town. Yes… Because our school has produced so many successful alumnus, such as Surya Paloh, Todung SMAN7MDNMulia Lubis, MS Kaban, and many famous people in Medan itself. To be honest, when I was still on the 3rd Grade of Junior High School, I wished that I could have passed to top High Schools like SMAN 4 Medan or SMAN 3 Medan. But… may be God has planned the best future for me at SMAN 7 Medan. Yes… sma3it’s true. In SMAN 7 Medan, I made friends with the students from different JHS, and the close ones with me were Alda Mustafri, Aja Chairina, Ogiana, Yosi Farah, Abu Amar, Tanti Dinita, Ivany Mulyana, Susan Oktaviana, Teuku Fadli Sani, Tri Oktaviani, Yudha Dwi Nugroho, Siti Hazar, Nurul Musfirah, Hirmawati, Vicky Witjaksana and Anugro Rezky Aji; because they have ever been teammate for some projects with me. I also ever competed together in several competitions with the students from different class, such as Masykur Rinandar (my team on English Speech competition). I have never heard about Masykur again since our garduation… I’ve just known that he works in PLN like me, too.


During those days on High School, I used to be part of “Excellent Class”; a class filled with the students who have the high average scores. To enter the class, we’re judged on Psikotest. And Alhamdulillah, I got the chance to be part of it. Hmm… sma1the students in the class were very competitive, some of them were very clever on sciences and mathematics. But, just a few of them love the linguistic of German and English. And I was included of Math and Linguistics lover. For German subject, I had a favorite teacher, named Frau Mahdalina. (Frau is the called name of Ms. in German), she was really kind to me and she also encouraged myself to join on the German Literature Competition held at State University of Medan (UNIMED). I really love German because it’s easy to learn if we really want to learn it well… Ich liebe Deutsch denn ich finde es ist einfach. In die Schule, meine Deutschlehrerin lehrt mir uber die worten in Deutsch, die Nummer von Eins aus Hundredts, und die Name von Platz, Stadts, und viele Dinge uber Deutschland. Es ist sehr interessant fur mir denn ich kann viele Dinge uber Deutschland und Deutschsprechen Landes wie Oesterreich und Schweiz kennen. Ich hoffe, ich kann nach Europa am naechste zeit besuchen. OK… I will translate those words (I love German because I think it is easy. At school, my German teacher taught me about the words in German, sma2the numbers from one to hundreds, and the name of places, cities, and many things about Germany. It is very interesting for me because I can know many things about Germany and the German-speaking countries such as Austria and Switzerland. I hope, I can visit Europe next time). Oh yes,,, about the German competition… I competed twice on German Literature Competition held by UNIMED, the first one was when I was on the 1st grade, and I was unplaced without winning any reward. Yup, First time’s not stunning. And the second one was in 2010 when I was on the 2nd Grade. I did not get much expectation to win the competition, and surprisingly, I placed 3rd overall… just behind two students of MAN 2 Model Medan. Due to my unexpected placement, I won a trophy, certificate, a white shirt from Goethe Institute, German dictionary of Langenscheidt, a handbag of Goethe Institute, and no cash… LOL. But, it’s my new step to further stage. I have never expected to get any reward in the competition, because I might be called as a shy one and I had no brave to show my skill and ability in public. Most of people looking at me for the first time, just had the mind that I am a weak person and they used to laugh on me due to my appearance. But now, I can prove to them that I am not the one like they think… and due to the condition, I am more sensitive and have no brave to make more new friends too close.


Yep… forget about the sadness. I also want to tell about my teachers at SMAN 7 Medan. We have so many cool and cute teachers. I still remember my Physics teacher, Mrs. Riama Silaban who had taught me for 3 years, she is a kind person and I could understand her lesson very well. And then Frau Mahdalina, my German teacher who encouraged me to join in the competition; I have a very cool Math teacher, Mr. Tabong Karo-Karo with his own style in teaching us; Mr.Boston Pasaribu, my Chemistry teacher who was very kind to me, and Mrs. Rusmani Hutasoit, she was my favorite Math teacher, she was very kind and I used to get high scores in Math with her. Oh I also can not forget Mrs. Ida, one of the vice-Headmasters at my school. She was ever angry with my class due to “untold something” and she di not want to teach us at that time. Hmmm… And that’s why I did not have much attention her lesson on Biology.


sma8And now, I have lost contact with most of my classmates. I lost their phone numbers, and we seldom have gathering in Medan. Oh ya, in my class, we have some small groups of girls; we have ABC (Nurliza, Tanti, Dinda, Fahrun, Vany,and Siti), MAMAN or Manis Manja (Ogiana, Yosi, Susan, and Vani), FANS (Fatma, Anggi, Nisa, and Sandra), and B-GIRLS. And I still remember the funniest moments during those days; so much fun and laugh. I remember when I used to buy the fried foods from Yudha then; although I had so many acnes at that time. Yes, ACNES!!! I had so much acnes during the high school, they made my face look so red and I’d tried so many things to reduce its redness but failed.


During the high school days, we also tried to have courses to prepare ourself for higher education in the top universities. My classmates had the courses at Sony Sugema College (SSC), MEDICA, Ganesha Operation (GO), Primagama, ADZKIA, etc. And especially for me, I took a course at SSC, it’s more expensive than the others but its facilities such as the manual book was not as good as the others. I just got a “BANK SOAL” book that they called “Step by Step”. The book had more than sma9300 pages and no explanation or matery inside ,,, just the questions from page 1 to the last one. Talking about the courses, I also remember about “TRY OUT” held by some courses. I had followed the try outs of SSC, MEDICA, and ADZKIA for several times. And for ADZKIA try outs, I did it almost every week because my focus at that time was to pass STAN. And Alhamdulillah, I have passed all try outs of ADZKIA, never failed.


Huffft,,, there are still so much story of GRASIAS (the called name of XII-IA 1 class) that I can’t tell one by one. And the time has run too fast, we have had our respective ways to our respective future. And we have separated for 4 years, and I still miss the time that I can’t go back to the those days. The last time of our gathering was 2 years ago, and I have never heard their news again today. Hi, GRASIAS… Where are you now? And what are you doing today?




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