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Hi, the readers of my blog! Sooo long time I have not posted any post in this blog. Almost 2 years if I'm not wrong ... Well, in almost 2 years I have worked in PLN, I have had sooo much experience and valuable things that is untold one by one to you guys. Back to the previous post of mine, i told you about my first visit in Subulussalam, a new city in Aceh neighboring with North Sumatera province. Well, after being in Subulussalam for more than a month exactly after Idul Fitri in 2015, I was delivered directly by the PLN Subulussalam staffs to my new unit, Singkil.

For your information, Singkil is the capital city of Aceh Singkil Regency. It might be the smallest unit of PLN throughout Aceh by only 9,885 customers overall in August 2015. It was a very small amount compared to neighboring unit, Rimo, by having more than 14,000 customers overall. As a tiny town, Singkil is sooo quite compared to Subulussalam, but there are many hidden pleasures of Singkil that we could explore more. Although located in the most-ended location of Aceh, Singkil is the gateway to one of the recent booming destination in Aceh itself, Pulau Banyak, which consists of 99 small islands having white sandy beaches and their respective unique. 

Flood in late December 2015, Singkil
The first time I was in Singkil, I felt bored as the atmosphere was soooo quite, especially at night. Oh yes... I worked as a staff of Energy Transaction department in PLN Rayon Singkil at that time. I just really disliked the condition there at first, but I had to familiarize myself to the new condition because I would also move from one unit to other units in further time. My job desk were Billing, Replacing the customers' KWH meters, discipline the electricity theft on customers, DLPD, among others. I love my job... it's quite interesting for me because I could have the direct interaction with the customers and knowledgeable  enough to their complaints for the service of PLN. I had just worked in PLN Rayon Singkil for 14 months, starting from late July 2015 to October 2016, before moving to Subulussalam again in November 2016.

Singkil will always be remembered in my heart and mind because it was the start of my journey and career as a PLN employee. Although many people really dislike getting placed in Singkil due to the flood, crocodiles, dirty water, and other bad things, but it is still memorized in my mind well. Singkil is also a lucky charm for me.... I had represented PLN Aceh Region twice in regional-level events and bringing the name of PLN Area Subulussalam and of course, PLN Rayon Singkil itself. In Singkil, I explored the new and strange thing for me, which was the PHP programming. It was so hard for me at first as I had no background of Programming, but I did it! I had learned it for months to create a web-based application called SI-PANTER to help me on monitoring the DLPD activities in my unit. Surprisingly, SI-PANTER was included on the Top 20 for Non-Technical Supporting Management during the PLN Innovation Competition 2016 in Semarang, Central Java. Although missed the cut to the national-level, at least SI-PANTER would also be developed better. During mid-June 2016, PLN Aceh Region held the Science and Technology Olympiad (STO) In English for the employees of PLN Aceh. There were 36 participants participating in the event, and surprisingly again,,, I was selected as the winner by the panel of judges consisting of the professionals in English orally. As the winner, I would also represent PLN Aceh Region again in STO 2016 that was held in Surabaya, East Java. On stage, after being announced as the winner and having the speech in front of the audiences... GM PLN Aceh at that time, Mr. Bob Saril asked me a question about one thing I really want granting by him. I was so nervous at that time on stage and almost shed tears ... just answered "I still enjoy in Singkil". Because it was very hard question to answer in front of many people,,, in my heart, I want to answer "getting moved to my hometown, Medan"... but it's very impossible as I had just worked for a year at that time. 

One thing that I learned a lot from my experience I told you, that we need to give life a shot. We have to motivate and brave to show ourself to public,,, to know in which level we are now... otherwise, we would not be able to enrich the skill that God gives to us. For me, I have never wondered that I would participate in many PLN events, especially I was just representing the tiny unit of Singkil... nobody would not know who I am if I don't want to shot and show myself to the surface. I also really thank to the people who really support the employees especially myself to join any event... Mr. Henri Firdaus and many people that I can't tell one by one.

From participating in those events, so much privilege I have got... making good connection with other employees, much valuable experience, and of course good score for my performance. For your information, I just got POT in my first talent (Alhamdulillah), and surprisingly again... I got SPO in my second talent (so much Alhamdulillah) and higher score will give the impact to our IKS and career as well. It was just a few story I can tell to you, to motivate yourself to keep innovating and making new ones.

Back to my move to Subulussalam, it might be also a hidden privilege that I got for the achievements, and of course keep innovating in my new unit. In my next post, I will share my participation in STO In English and Innovation Competition events... See ya!


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